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and get a green card
through the EB5

About Miami

According to the leading independent international real estate consulting firm Knight Frank, Miami is on the top 10 list of best cities in the world.

01 London
02 New York
03 Hon Kong
04 Singapore
05 Shanghai
(according to the survey on all major cities around the world carried out by Knight Frank)
07 Paris
08 Dubai
09 Beijing
10 Zurich
The Knight Frank consulting firm analyzes all major cities and finds most interesting ones in terms of investming for rich people. The company ranks cities on the basis of 4 factors: economic activity, quality of life, knowledge and influence, political power. The analysis not only takes into account the number of rich people already investing into the city’s projects but also every single real estate.

Future of Miami begins now

Майами Даунтаун

Miami is just over 100 years old and it is already recognized as one of the fastest growing cities for “The Latin American Fund”.

Unique in almost every respect, Miami surprises an occasional visitor and bewitches those who are lucky enough to call it a home.

With a temperate climate, white sandy beaches, views of the ocean and a powerful economy, Miami continues to attract travelers.

Of all the places in this big city the culture is in abundance- the museums of Mecca, scientific museums, the center of fine arts and sports arena. The future of Miami begins now.

And your future home is here.

Receive permanent US residence for you and your family through the EB5 investment program

What is an EB5 investor visa?

The US investment program EB5 is one of the fastest and most effective ways to move to the US, get a green card and obtain citizenship.

The purpose of the EB-5 program is to obtain a residence permit for yourself and your family members by investing in the US economy. The invested funds are returned to the investor after the completion of the project with interest, and his family receives a permanent residence permit in the United States of America.

The EB-5 program involves regional centers - public or private companies accredited by the US Immigration Service. They create and maintain investment projects, help investors prepare documents for the immigration service, analyze risks and provide information support.

  • The EB-5 program
    is a reliable scheme for
    immigration in the US
  • The program has been working since 1990

How does it work?

Since 1990, the program EB5 allows international investors to get green cards. In order to participate in the program, it is necessary to invest $ 500,000 in a business located in a region of the United States of America with high level of unemployment.

The investor needs to create 10 full-time jobs within 2 years. Immediately after receiving confirmation of the investor's application, which is mostly focused on checking the legal status of the investment of $ 500,000 (Petition i-526), ​​he and his immediate family (spouse and children under 21) receive a temporary resident status.

After all conditions of the EB5 program are met (investment of $ 500,000 in a business on the US territory + 10 jobs within 2 years), the investor and his immediate family receive permanent resident status.

Primary requirements:

  • Investment of $ 500,000
  • Proof of investment legitimacy
  • Creating 10 full-time jobs
Attention! In September, an agreement will be reached to raise the minimum amount of investments from $ 500 to $ 850 thousand.
The purpose of EB-5 investments is to obtain a permanent residence permit in the USA

Reliable legal support
of the investor

All deals are accompanied by:
Rostova Westerman Law Group - the leading immigration law firm representing investors taking part in the EB-5 program.
  • Experienced lawyers — over 14 years of combined experience in business immigration and EB-5.
  • One of the leading positions in the EB-5 market — at the beginning of 2017, more than 300 petitions for the EB-5 visa were submitted, in 2016 about 80 investor visas were received.
  • Unique experience in working with investors from Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus - in 2015, 88 Russian investors were granted to the investor visa.
  • Russian-speaking specialists. Not only the assistants, but also the firm's lawyers speak the Russian language - this helps to explain the complex terms and business concepts associated with the EB-5 program.
  • Impeccable statistics – our company has provided 100% success rate of Green Card approval for all investors who applied for the EB-5 visa.

Firm’s attorneys

Attorney Irina Rostova received a bachelor's degree in economics at the University of Michigan and a PhD in law at the University of Miami. Irina Rostova is a highly-qualified professional economist, due to her education, and the experience gained in the largest financial institution of the USA - JPMorgan Chase Bank.
Knowledge of economic processes and immigration law makes Irina Rostova irreplaceable both on the analysis of EB-5 investment reliability side and on the Green card obtaining side.
The experience of the lawyer Rostova is regularly consulted by colleagues, and she often conducts seminars and presentations on immigration in the United States for investors at international and American conferences. Irina Rostova speaks fluent English and Russian.
Attorney Anastasia White received a law degree in international law in Russia and after continued her studies in the United States, getting a PhD in law at the University of Nova Southeastern.
Thanks to the double education, Anastasia White can represent the interests of the investor both in the US and in Russia. Knowledge of the legislation, specifics and customs of the document circulation in Russia makes her an irreplaceable specialist in generating evidence of the source of funds for investors in the EB-5 program.
Anastasia White helped dozens of investors and businessmen get the status of US residents. Attorney White speaks fluent English and Russian.
Attorney Sasha Westerman-Küning is one of the leading immigration lawyers in South Florida. She received a bachelor's degree with honors from Boston College, and a doctorate in law from the University of Miami.
Sasha Westerman-Küning worked for the largest immigration firms in Miami, where she was the leading lawyer and represented the interests of investors in the group claim for the EB-5 visa, which subsequently formed the basis of the current EB-5 program law.
She has invaluable experience and deep understanding in the matter of the trial concerning EB-5 and the legal precedent. Lawyer Westermann-Küning speaks fluent English and Spanish.
Irina Rostova
Anastasia White
Sasha Westerman-Küning

The order of document registration for EB-5

6-24 months
Preparation of documents and transfer of investments to the escrow account, filing the petition i526
5 months
Receiving the approval of the USCIS petition (up to 24 months)
5 months
Getting a conditional permanent residence (a conditional green card), entering the US, the opportunity to work and study in the United States for all family members
25 months
Submission of petition i829 to obtain a permanent green card
11 months
Replacing the conditional green card with a permanent
60 months
Return of investment, preparation of documents for citizenship

Submit your application to get legal advice


A new project is under construction in Miami, in which you can take part as an investor and get a green card through the EB5 program

Participating in the EB5 program, you invest $ 500,000 in the US economy, which you return after 5 years at 0.5% interest per annum.
If you decide to buy an apartment in the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, there is a special program for investors.

When signing a contract, you pay 30% of the cost of the apartment (usually it is 50%), and when the construction is completed (planned at the end of 2018), you will have a choice of either paying the remaining 70% and immediately becoming the owner of the property or waiting 2 more years until you return the invested $ 500,000.

If you decide to wait another 2 years, your apartment will be rented out and you will receive 30% of the profit.
All this will be pre-registered in the contract.

In the 2 year period, while waiting for the return of the investment you do not need to be in the US, you can get the green card after the 2 years.

The company Paramount received a quota for raising money from investors in the amount of $ 75,000,000 (10%) of the cost of the building project itself.

At the moment, 30 people have already made their investments, as the amount of it is $ 500,000 per person (family), there are about 120 places left.

Stages of participation in the investment project

The Nazarov Realty Group team will provide any assistance at every stage of the investment

Complex Paramount Miami Worldcenter will occupy 4 city blocks with a total area of ​​11.3 hectares and will be located in the business center of Miami.
It will have commercial spaces, Marriott hotel and a residential complex with estates called Paramount (construction has already begun).

Located in close proximity to all attractions worth seeing in Miami. The site is located just north of the central business district passing between the 2nd and 11th Miami Avenues. Miami Worldcenter is close to the airports, seaports, railways and highways.

The complex is conveniently located near the federal motorway 95 and 395, several metro stations; the airport and the train station are just across the road. Miami Beach Worldcenter provides unrivaled accessibility. The territory of the center operates 150 million trips a year. With new, luxurious, 3-hour transportation by rail from Orlando, according to forecasts, there will be another 5 million visitors a year. Moreover, the first stage of development will include the creation of 7,000 new parking spaces, giving visitors opportunity to conveniently park nearby attractions.

Get expert’s advice to select an apartment


Miami Worldcenter is one of the largest and most interesting urban complexes in the US - a complex of various retail, residential, office, hotel and entertainment components.

General information about the building

  • The height of the building is over 700 feet (213 meters)
  • More than 500 apartments
  • Apartments on floors 10 to 54

Working group

  • Developer: PARAMOUNT Ventures
  • Architecture: Elkus Manfredi Architects
  • Interior Design: ID & Design International

Characteristics of the apartments

  • Private elevators with private foyer
  • Ceiling height of 10 feet (3 meters) in all living quarters
  • Outdoor living rooms
  • Large entertainment areas
  • Kitchens in European design
  • Raining shower
  • Full-size laundry
  • Lock-out studio
  • Convertible Den
  • Jacuzzi


  • – Lounge
  • – Sunrise pool
  • – Firepit
  • – Infinity pool
  • – Sundeck
  • – Observatory
  • – Tai-chi and yoga area
Upper deck
  • – Resort-Style Pool
  • – Poolside Bungalow
  • – Poolside Daybeds
  • – Summer kitchens with BBQ
  • – Floating Seating Pods
  • – Sunken pods with firepits
  • – Children’s playground
  • – Soccer field
  • – Tennis courts
  • – Dog Park
  • – Jogging Path
7th floor
Relaxation areas
  • – Conservatory
  • – Relaxation Lounge
  • – Outdoor Lounge with seating and gardens
  • – Outdoor bath gardens
  • – Steam showers
  • – Treatment rooms
  • – Hair/ nail bar
Indoor sports center
  • – State-of-the-art fitness center
  • – Boxing Studio
  • – Aerobics Area
Entertainment Center
  • – Game room
  • – Golf Simulator
  • – Kids play room
  • – Recreation Lounge
  • – Demo Kitchen
  • – Jam room with recording studio
Lower level

Expansive double-height lobby Porte-Cochère with 24-hour valet. Direct access to Miami Worldcenter, Business Center, Yoga Studio, Basketball Half-Court, Racquetball Court.

Apartment layout in Paramount Miami Worldcenter

Types of apartments in Paramount Miami World Center

181 м2
146 м2
174 м2
181 м2
240 м2
243 м2
138 м2
170 м2
141 м2
138 м2
110 м2
125 м2
240 м2
F1/F2 – 3 bedrooms + separate room / 4 bathrooms
  • All: 578 sq ft (240 м2)
  • Inside: 376 sq ft (221 м2)
  • Outside: 2 sq ft (19 м2)
  • Starting price: $ 1 400 000
D1/D2 – 2 bedrooms + separate room / 3 bathrooms
  • All: 1 952 sq ft (181 м2)
  • Inside: 1 753 sq ft (162 м2)
  • Outside: 199 sq ft (18 м2)
  • Starting price: from $ 900 000
B2 – 1 bedroom + separate room / 2 bathrooms
  • All: 1 573 sq ft (146 м2)
  • Inside: 1 386 sq ft (128 м2)
  • Outside: 187 sq ft (17 м2)
  • Starting price: from $ 750 000
M – 1 bedroom + separate room / 1,5 bathrooms
  • All: 1 186 sq ft (110 м2)
  • Inside: 1 095 sq ft(102 м2)
  • Outside: 91 sq ft (9 м2)
  • Starting price: from $ 750 000
N – 1 bedroom + separate room / 2 bathrooms
  • All: 1 346 sq ft (125 м2)
  • Inside: 1 145 sq ft (106 м2)
  • Outside: 210 sq ft (19 м2)
  • Starting price: from $ 750 000
C2 – 2 bedrooms + separate room / 3 bathrooms
  • All: 1 877 sq ft (17)
  • Inside: 1 690 sq ft (15)
  • Outside: 187 кв. 17 м2)
  • Starting price: from $ 750 000 for bedrooms + отдел
D1/D2 – 2 bedrooms + separate room / 3 bathrooms
  • All: 1 952 sq ft (181 м2)
  • Inside: 1 753 sq ft (162 м2)
  • Outside: 199 sq ft (18 м2)
  • Starting price: from $ 900 000
F1/F2 – 3 bedrooms + separate room / 4 bathrooms
  • All: 578 sq ft (240 м2)
  • Inside: 376 sq ft (221 м2)
  • Outside: 2 sq ft (19 м2)
  • Starting price: $ 1 400 000
C1 – 2 bedrooms + separate room / 3 bathrooms
  • All: 1 835 sq ft (170 м2)
  • Inside: 1 630 sq ft (151 м2)
  • Outside: 205 sq ft (19 м2)
  • Starting price: from $ 900 000

Our mission and goal

Nazarov Realty Group — your guide into the world of luxurious real estate in America. We provide the best service in the field of foreign real estate.

We work round-the-clock, 24/7 in order to truly understand the needs of our customers and offer the best solutions, and provide the best service possible.

We have gathered the best team of partners from around the world to find answers to all your questions as efficiently as possible.

Our goal is 10 000 clients, who have fulfilled their dream to buy real estate in America.

Who are we?

Nazarov Realty Group — is an association of partners from America, Brazil, China, Great Britain and Russia: real estate agents, brokers, lawyers, immigration experts, developers’ representatives, financial experts, concierge managers.

Let the facts speak for themselves

In 2016 we have sold real estate objects at a profit of more than 150 million dollars.

Now we have targeted the American market and we are ready to help you.

The team which is already looking for the best solutions for you:

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